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Lais Architekten

Company profile

For the past 26 years, Lais Architekten have been implementing construction and rebuilding projects for both commercial and private customers. The company stands for sustainable and sophisticated architecture with high functionality and design.


  • 2 internships: draftsman/technician/architect/civil engineer


Architects conceive and design buildings and structures as regards urban development, primarily in the area of structural engineering. They plan and monitor the execution of the construction, taking into account design, technical, commercial, environmental as well as social aspects.

Duration of the traineeship upon agreement, further training possible upon qualification
Activity: preparing construction drawings in various scales


  • medium or higher education qualification, possibly on university level
  • basic computer skills in Office (Word, Excel, possibly AutoCad) are of advantage
  • good knowledge of English is sufficient


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Wo finde ich was?
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