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The Ortenau – a High-Profile Region

We're Well Situated!

Situated between the Rhine and the Black Forest and characterised by an enchanting landscape and a mild climate, the Ortenau County is Baden-Württemberg's largest county by surface area, measuring 1,851 square kilometres.

Over 413,000 people live in the 51 towns and cities of the Ortenau, of whom some 180,000 live in the main county seats Offenburg, Lahr, Kehl, Oberkirch and Achern.

A common 60 kilometre-long border with France and direct proximity to the European city of Strasbourg give the County, situated as it is in the centre of the European Union, special locational advantages.

We're an Attractive Business Location!

From small businesses to major industries, the Ortenau has everything, with its commercial sector consisting mainly of medium-sized and family-owned businesses; manufacturing dominates. As a business location, the County has much to recommend it. After all, slightly less than 60 percent of industrial revenue in the Southern Upper Rhine region of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce is earned in the Offenburg/Ortenau economic region. The business sector can rely on competent national and international-standard transport facilities. Another important economic factor in the mainly rural Ortenau County is agriculture, with its traditional winemaking and fruit-growing.


We Offer Relaxation!

With its numerous relaxation and leisure facilities and a wide range of culinary specialities up to and including world-class cuisine, the Ortenau offers a high quality of life and enjoys great popularity as a holiday region.


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