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Occupational Counseling

'Abitur' and higher education

You want to pass the 'Abitur' or study? For more information please click here:

Flyer: Language and 'Abitur'

Flyer: Language and higher education

Flyer: Higher education and posibilities of support

Job Search

Are you looking for a job? The employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) or the Jobcenter would like to help! These offices will answer your questions about searching for a job or continuous education possibilities.

Contact the employment agency if you meet the following criteria: you receive unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld I, SGB III), if you are a refugee with a temporary residence permit (Aufenthaltsgestattung) or a suspension of deportation (Duldung) and receive financial aid according to AsylbLG. Contact information for the employment agency in Offenburg may be found here.

Contact the Jobcenter if you receive welfare (Hartz IV, Arbeitslosengeld II). Recognized refugees are also Jobcenter clients as long as they cannot earn their own livelihood.
There are five offices in Ortenau County.

Career Guidance

Do you have any questions about working life? Which job or profession is the right one for you? Which schooling do you need? Your career adviser at the Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) answers these questions. Under the free hotline number you can arrange a consultation. In addition, all general and vocational schools have a career counsellor. You can contact him or her at school, either directly or through the class teacher.

You can also go to the Vocational Training Center (BIZ) at the Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit). There you can inform yourself during the opening hours. Groups of up to eight people do not need an appointment. The person there is at your service.


Frau und Beruf

Offers: Occupational Counseling
Flyer: Information for women with a migration background at 27.09.2018
How to get there: Bus Stop: Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Straße (Waltersweier)
Distance: 500 m
Regionalbüro für berufliche Fortbildung Ortenau und Freudenstadt
Telephone Telephone: 0781 793193
Symbol E-Mail ortenau-fds@regionalbuero.bw.de
Web (www.regionalbuero-bwde)

Offers: Occupational Counseling
How to get there: Train Station: Bahnhof Offenburg
Distance: 1200 m
AEF-Spanische Weiterbildungsakademie e.V
Telephone Telephone: 07833 9656378
Web (www.aef-bonn.de)

Offers: Integration Courses, Other Language Courses, Occupational Counseling
Flyer: “Bienvenid@s“ - Willkommen - Arbeit und Anerkennung in BW
How to get there: Bus Stop: Buntweberei
Distance: 270 m
Volkshochschule Offenburg e. V.
Telephone Telephone: 0781 9364200
Symbol E-Mail anmeldung@vhs-offenburg.de
Web (www.vhs-offenburg.de)

Offers: Other Language Courses, Certification / Apprenticeships and Continuing Education, Occupational Counseling
How to get there: Bus Stop: Kulturforum
Distance: 50 m
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