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Compulsory Education

Like everywhere in Germany, in Baden-Wuerttemberg, your child must attend school. This is called compulsory education. Compulsory education begins when your child is six years old. Then your child must go to elementary school (Grundschule). If your child has a disability, there is also the possibility that he or she attend a special needs school (Sonderpädagogische Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum, SBBZ).

Your child must attend school until the age of 18. Afterwards, your child is no longer required to attend school, although he or she may continue if desired.

For more information about compulsory education and the school system in Baden-Wuerttemberg click here.

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General Schools

Elementary School (Grundschule) – the first four years of school (grades 1-4). Normally for children aged 6 to 10.

Secondary Schools
Hauptschule – Grades 5-9, follows elementary school. Normally for children aged 11 – 15. Here, your child can obtain a basic school qualification (Hauptschulabschluss).

Werkrealschule – Grades 5-10; follows elementary school. Normally for children aged 11-16. At the end of 9th grade, a student may obtain a basic school qualification (Hauptschulabschluss) or at the end of 10th grade an intermediate school-leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife).

Realschule – Grades 5-10; follows elementary school. Normally for children aged 11-16. At the end of 10th grade after taking a test, your child obtains an intermediate school-leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife). A child can also take a test after the 9th grade to obtain a basic school qualification (Hauptschulabschluss).

Gymnasium – Grades 5-12/13. Your child attends a Gymnasium for either eight or nine years. Normally for children aged 11 – 18. After a test, your child obtains a baccalaureate (Abitur / Hochschulreife) and can then study at a university. A child can also take a test after the 10th grade to obtain an intermediate school-leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife).

Gemeinschaftsschule – Grades 5-13. This school combines the various modules from the Hauptschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium. The children are instructed based on their personal talents. For example: Math at the Gymnasium-level and Science at the Realschule-level. However, your child is only allowed to obtain one certificate: a basic school qualification (Hauptschulabschluss), an intermediate school-leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife), or a baccalaureate (Hochschulreife / Abitur)

Other Types of Schools

Vocational Schools – These schools have a specific occupational-focused emphasis (for example commercial, technical, agricultural). Occupational-specific knowledge is incorporated into the curriculum. All forms of school-leaving certificates may be obtained at the vocational schools, or your child could obtain a more advanced certificate. In case your child needs help learning the German language, he or she can go to a special VABO-Class, where German is taught.
VABO Locations

Special Needs Schools (Sonderpädagogisches Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum) – a school for students, who because of a disability cannot attend the general schools.

For more information about the school system in Baden-Württemberg click here.

School Authorities in Ortenaukreis:

Stadtverwaltung Achern
Telefon Telefon: 07841 642-0
Fax Fax: 07841 642-3000
Symbol E-Mail stadtverwaltung@achern.de
Web www.achern.de

Bürgermeisteramt Appenweier
Telefon Telefon: 07805 9594-0
Fax Fax: 07805 9594-44
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@appenweier.de
Web www.appenweier.de

Bürgermeisteramt Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Bürgermeisteramt Berghaupten
Telefon Telefon: 07803 9677-0
Fax Fax: 07803 9677-10
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@berghaupten.de
Web www.berghaupten.de

Bürgermeisteramt Biberach
Telefon Telefon: 07835 6365-0
Fax Fax: 07835 6365-20
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@biberach-baden.de
Web www.biberach-baden.de

Bürgermeisteramt Durbach
Telefon Telefon: 0781 483-0
Fax Fax: 0781 483-50
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@durbach.de
Web www.durbach.de

Stadtverwaltung Ettenheim
Telefon Telefon: 07822 432-0
Fax Fax: 07822 432-999
Symbol E-Mail stadtverwaltung@ettenheim.de
Web www.ettenheim.de

Bürgermeisteramt Fischerbach
Telefon Telefon: 07832 9190-0
Fax Fax: 07832 9190-20
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@fischerbach.de
Web www.fischerbach.de

Bürgermeisteramt Friesenheim
Telefon Telefon: 07821 6337-0
Fax Fax: 07821 6337-90
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@friesenheim.de
Web www.friesenheim.de

Stadtverwaltung Gengenbach
Telefon Telefon: 07803 930-0
Fax Fax: 07803 930-250
Symbol E-Mail info@stadt-gengenbach.de
Web www.stadt-gengenbach.de

Bürgermeisteramt Gutach
Telefon Telefon: 07833 9388-0
Fax Fax: 07833 9388-11
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@gutach-schwarzwald.de
Web www.gutach-schwarzwald.de

Stadtverwaltung Haslach im Kinzigtal
Telefon Telefon: 07832 706-0
Fax Fax: 07832 706-119
Symbol E-Mail stadt@haslach.de
Web www.haslach.de

Stadtverwaltung Hausach
Telefon Telefon: 07831 79-0
Fax Fax: 07831 79-56
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@hausach.de
Web www.hausach.de

Bürgermeisteramt Hofstetten
Telefon Telefon: 07832 9129-0
Fax Fax: 07832 9129-20
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@hofstetten.com
Web www.hofstetten-schwarzwald.de

Bürgermeisteramt Hohberg
Telefon Telefon: 07808 88-0
Fax Fax: 07808 88-49
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@hohberg.de
Web www.hohberg.de

Stadtverwaltung Hornberg
Telefon Telefon: 07833 793-0
Fax Fax: 07833 793-24
Symbol E-Mail stadtverwaltung@hornberg.de
Web www.hornberg.de

Bürgermeisteramt Kappel-Grafenhausen
Telefon Telefon: 07822 863-0
Fax Fax: 07822 863-29
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@kappel-grafenhausen.de
Web www.kappel-grafenhausen.de

Bürgermeisteramt Kappelrodeck
Telefon Telefon: 07842 802-0
Fax Fax: 07842 802-76
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@kappelrodeck.de
Web www.kappelrodeck.de

Stadtverwaltung Kehl
Telefon Telefon: 07851 88-0
Fax Fax: 07851 88-208
Symbol E-Mail info@stadt-kehl.de
Web www.kehl.de

Bürgermeisteramt Kippenheim
Telefon Telefon: 07825 903-0
Fax Fax: 07825 903-30
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@kippenheim.de
Web www.kippenheim.de

Stadtverwaltung Lahr
Telefon Telefon: 07821 910-00
Fax Fax: 07821 910-0222
Symbol E-Mail info@lahr.de
Web www.lahr.de

Landratsamt Ortenaukreis
Telefon Telefon: 0781 805-0
Fax Fax: 0781 805-1211
Symbol E-Mail landratsamt@ortenaukreis.de

Bürgermeisteramt Lauf
Telefon Telefon: 07841 2006-0
Fax Fax: 07841 28599
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@lauf-schwarzwald.de
Web www.lauf-schwarzwald.de

Bürgermeisteramt Lautenbach
Telefon Telefon: 07802 9259-0
Fax Fax: 07802 9259-59
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@lautenbach-renchtal.de
Web www.lautenbach-renchtal.de

Stadtverwaltung Mahlberg
Telefon Telefon: 07825 8438-0
Fax Fax: 07825 1234
Symbol E-Mail stadt@mahlberg.de
Web www.mahlberg.de

Bürgermeisteramt Meißenheim
Telefon Telefon: 07824 6468-0
Fax Fax: 07824 6468-15
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@meissenheim.de
Web www.meissenheim.de

Bürgermeisteramt Mühlenbach
Telefon Telefon: 07832 9118-0
Fax Fax: 07832 9118-20
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@muehlenbach.de
Web www.muehlenbach.de

Bürgermeisteramt Neuried
Telefon Telefon: 07807 97-0
Fax Fax: 07807 97-177
Symbol E-Mail info@neuried.net
Web www.neuried.net

Bürgermeisteramt Nordrach
Telefon Telefon: 07838 9299-0
Fax Fax: 07838 9299-24
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@nordrach.de
Web www.nordrach.de

Bürgermeisteramt Oberharmersbach
Telefon Telefon: 07837 9297-0
Fax Fax: 07837 9297-15
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@oberharmersbach.de
Web www.oberharmersbach.de

Stadtverwaltung Oberkirch
Telefon Telefon: 07802 82-0
Fax Fax: 07802 82-174
Symbol E-Mail stadt@oberkirch.de
Web www.oberkirch.de

Bürgermeisteramt Oberwolfach
Telefon Telefon: 07834 8383-0
Fax Fax: 07834 8383-25
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@oberwolfach.de
Web www.oberwolfach.de

Stadtverwaltung Offenburg
Telefon Telefon: 0781 82-0
Fax Fax: 0781 82-7515
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@offenburg.de
Web www.offenburg.de

Bürgermeisteramt Ohlsbach
Telefon Telefon: 07803 9699-0
Fax Fax: 07803 9699-25
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@ohlsbach.de
Web www.ohlsbach.de

Stadtverwaltung Oppenau
Telefon Telefon: 07804 48-0
Fax Fax: 07804 48-22
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@oppenau.de
Web www.oppenau.de

Bürgermeisteramt Ortenberg
Telefon Telefon: 0781 9335-0
Fax Fax: 0781 9335-40
Symbol E-Mail gemeindeverwaltung@ortenberg.de
Web www.ortenberg.de

Bürgermeisteramt Ottenhöfen
Telefon Telefon: 07842 804-0
Fax Fax: 07842 804-14
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@ottenhoefen.de
Web www.ottenhoefen.de

Stadtverwaltung Renchen
Telefon Telefon: 07843 707-0
Fax Fax: 07843 707-23
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@stadt-renchen.de
Web www.stadt-renchen.de

Stadtverwaltung Rheinau
Telefon Telefon: 07844 400-0
Fax Fax: 07844 400-13
Symbol E-Mail mailpost@rheinau.de
Web www.rheinau.de

Bürgermeisteramt Ringsheim
Telefon Telefon: 07822 8939-0
Fax Fax: 07822 8939-12
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@ringsheim.de
Web www.ringsheim.de

Bürgermeisteramt Rust
Telefon Telefon: 07822 8645-0
Fax Fax: 07822 7353
Symbol E-Mail sekretariat1@gemeinde-rust.de
Web www.rust.de

Bürgermeisteramt Sasbach
Telefon Telefon: 07841 686-0
Fax Fax: 07841 686-40
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@sasbach-ortenau.de
Web www.sasbach-ortenau.de

Bürgermeisteramt Sasbachwalden
Telefon Telefon: 07841 64079-0
Fax Fax: 07841 64079-25
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@sasbachwalden.de
Web www.gemeinde-sasbachwalden.de

Bürgermeisteramt Schuttertal
Telefon Telefon: 07826 9666-0
Fax Fax: 07826 9666-10
Symbol E-Mail info@schuttertal.de
Web www.schuttertal.de

Bürgermeisteramt Schutterwald
Telefon Telefon: 0781 9606-0
Fax Fax: 0781 9606-99
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@schutterwald.de
Web www.schutterwald.de

Bürgermeisteramt Schwanau
Telefon Telefon: 07824 6499-0
Fax Fax: 07824 4009
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@schwanau.de
Web www.schwanau.de

Bürgermeisteramt Seebach
Telefon Telefon: 07842 9483-0
Fax Fax: 07842 9483-99
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@seebach.de
Web www.seebach.de

Bürgermeisteramt Seelbach
Telefon Telefon: 07823 9494-0
Fax Fax: 07823 9494-51
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@seelbach-online.de
Web www.seelbach-online.de

Bürgermeisteramt Steinach
Telefon Telefon: 07832 9198-0
Fax Fax: 07832 9198-20
Symbol E-Mail rathaus@steinach.de
Web www.steinach.de

Bürgermeisteramt Willstätt
Telefon Telefon: 07852 43-0
Fax Fax: 07852 43-181
Symbol E-Mail gemeinde@willstaett.de
Web www.willstaett.de

Stadtverwaltung Wolfach
Telefon Telefon: 07834 8353-0
Fax Fax: 07834 8353-39
Symbol E-Mail stadt@wolfach.de
Web www.wolfach.de

Stadtverwaltung Zell am Harmersbach
Telefon Telefon: 07835 6369-0
Fax Fax: 07835 6369-46
Symbol E-Mail stadtverwaltung@zell.de
Web www.zell.de


Lange Straße 51
77652 Offenburg
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Telefon: 0781 805 6286
Fax: 0781 805 1493

Lange Straße 51
77652 Offenburg
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Telefon: 0781 805 6287
Fax: 0781 805 1493



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